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One-Day Workshop Enrollment Details - 


The One-Day Workshop costs $175.00 per person. All participants are required to sign a Waiver of Liability before the workshop begins. The workshop is hosted by Barry J. Fuller - the author of this site. He has conducted extensive research on papercrete and built or worked on a number of papercrete structures. He has also been employed as a papercrete consultant by universities, large corporations and other organizations. (Note! The One-Day Workshop is very intensive, covering a great deal of information about making - and building with - papercrete. Information and demonstrations related to the papercrete block press and the papercrete six-yard mixer are not included. That information is covered in consultant meetings for clients wishing to produce papercrete on a commercial basis.)

The One-Day Workshop is held at the Living In Paper research facility in Maricopa, Arizona (directions below). After the workshop, participants drive to the Paper House aka Paper Palace One at the Pera Club in Tempe (directions below) for a short tour. Paper Palace One is the long-term research structure built by Mr. Fuller. Ownership of Paper Palace One has now, by contract, reverted to the Pera Club.

Workshop activities start in Maricopa at 8:15am sharp.  The Workshop ends when all questions are answered. Participants are responsible for their own meals so BYO morning coffee, snacks, drinks and lunch. In cold weather, bring warm clothes. In hot weather, dress for an extended time in the sun. Bring writing materials and camera as well as water, sun block, eye protection, wide-brimmed or hard hat, work-shoes and rubber gloves.

Workshop lecture topics include but are not limited to:
      How to make forms.
2.)      How a tow mixer works.
.)      How to make and install blocks and roof panels.
      How to build and waterproof a paper roof.
      How to install electrical and plumbing.
.)      How to install windows and doors.
7.)      How to apply paper and cement finishes.
.)      Mixes, mixing and costs.
9.)   Building codes and permits.
10.)  Extensive Q&A

Making Mix in Tow Mixer

Hands-on participation: 

All participants will assist in mixing papercrete - and making blocks and roof-panels. These are the basic skills necessary for constructing most papercrete structures. 

Additional hands-on activities, if any, will be determined by the needs of a current project.
Current Projects.

Pouring Panels

Directions to the Living In Paper Research facility:

The Living In Paper research facility is located in Maricopa, Arizona. The address is 50857 West Peters and Nall Road, Maricopa, AZ 85139.  Go south from Phoenix toward Tucson on highway I-10. Take Exit 164 (Queen Creek Road/347 South). Drive 20.8 miles through Maricopa to Papago Road. Take Papago Road west 4.0 miles to Ralston. Turn north on Ralston 1 mile to Peters and Nall Road. Turn east on Peters and Nall .2 (two tenths of a mile) to 50857 West Peters and Nall Road. If you experience any problems with these directions, call Barry on his cell - 480-560-9563.

Directions to Paper Palace One at the Pera Club:

The research facility in Maricopa is about a one-hour drive from the Pera Club. The address of the Pera Club is One East Continental Drive, Tempe Arizona 85281. The Pera Club is gated, private land with a guard shack. Admission is by invitation only.  The nearest large intersection is Scottsdale Road and Continental Drive. From that intersection drive west about one mile to the gate of the Pera Club located at 1 Continental Drive. Continue driving through the gate about 100 yards to the guard shack. After admission, turn south and drive about 300 yards to a parking lot surrounded by various buildings. Park as close to the south side of this lot as possible. On the southwest side of the parking lot is a

Pulling Blocks Forms

very large, metal-roofed building with canvas sides - which may be open or closed. Paper  Palace One is on the south side of this building.  If you experience any problems with admission to the Pera Club or these directions, call Barry on his cell - 480-560-9563.


You can either drive to the Research Facility in Maricopa from the Tempe area (allow one hour) or rent a room at the only hotel near the Research Facility - at the Ak-Chin casino, which is a few miles away - 15406 N Maricopa Rd., Maricopa, AZ 85239 (480) 802-5000).  If you want to stay in Tempe, you may want to stay  near the Pera Club. To find a hotel near the Pera Club, go to Google Maps at   In the box at the top of the page, cut and paste “hotels, 1 Continental Drive, Tempe, Arizona 85281” without the quotes.  Click "Search Maps".

Covering Mix Before Towing

This will bring up a list of hotels near the Pera Club on the left side of the page and bubbles on the map showing their locations. The green pointer is the location of the Pera Club. Peruse the list or click on the bubbles for information about the hotels.

Parking outside the gates of the Research Facility in Maricopa on the night before the workshop is permitted. Please notify us in advance so that we can alert neighborhood watch. There is no grass or facilities of any kind but the road is a quiet cul de sac. Absolutely no outside fires are permitted. The area is very dry and fire is extremely dangerous.

Enrollment :

The workshop is limited to ten participants and enrollment is accomplished by simply paying the enrollment fee. Please enroll as soon as possible to guarantee your place.  Payment may be made by Credit Card or PayPal by clicking on the "ADD TO CART" button below.

You may pay for more than one person at a time, but please email us the names of all persons attending so that we can make information packets and name tags for them. There are no discounts and all sales are final. If you send a check, it must be received at least two weeks before the workshop. Make it payable to MEDIAWORKS or Barry J. Fuller.  Late registration, within two weeks of the workshop, is by cash only. If you need any further information, contact Barry J. Fuller.

Ready to Pour

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  • Lecture/Tour -
    For those who cannot spend an entire day in a One-day Workshop, we offer a one-hour Lecture/Tour at Paper Palace One (see above directions to the Pera Club) for $35.00 per person.   The Lecture/Tour can be scheduled for any weekday or Saturday (excluding national holidays) in Tempe, Arizona. All participants are required to sign a Waiver of Liability before participating in a lecture/ tour.
  • On-Going Activities -
    Whenever we are involved in on-going testing and experimentation, and need volunteer help, we allow a limited number of volunteers to participate at a nominal fee.  Activities may vary greatly - from administrative tasks to making test blocks, testing samples, experimenting with construction methods or fabricating test apparatus.

Please check Current Projects to find out what is scheduled.

  • Construction -
    We frequently become involved in construction opportunities. The number of volunteers who may participate depends on scheduling and the size of the project. The activities available depend on the stage of construction. You can get an idea of the types of activities which comprise each stage of construction by reading the Construction section of this site. There is a charge to participate in these activities.

Please check Current Projects to find out what is scheduled.

  • Location Workshops -
    We schedule custom workshops for individuals and groups at their locations, as requested. Equipment and materials can be provided. Fees for workshops vary depending on the length of the workshop, how many practitioners and attendees will be involved, and how detailed the desired training will be.  Half-day workshops are also available.

Please Contact Us for a Workshop quote.

  • Consultation -
    We can come to your location and help you get started building homes or other structures with papercrete and associated materials. Equipment and materials can be provided. Consulting charges vary depending on the number of practitioners, travel distance, length of assignment and preparation time.

Please Contact Us for a Consultation quote.

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